The Best Vegan Pantry 2022

Have you started your vegan journey? Or just looking to stock up your kitchen with wholesome, plant-based foods? These vegan pantry essentials will help you build a healthy, plant-based pantry.

Quick Summary

Stocking a plant-based pantry doesn’t have to be costly, especially if you’re just beginning. A few vegan pantry essentials are all you need to get started. These essentials are easily accessible, and reasonably priced, and make a plant-based diet easy.


They’re cheap, nutritious, and versatile. They’re high in protein, antioxidants, fiber, and more. All dried beans are fine as they come from plants and have no additives. With that being said, most canned beans are vegan but some may include lard from animals.


It can be challenging to get some of the nutrients found in whole grains when on a vegan diet. That’s why whole grains are an important staple for making sure you’re getting the right nutrients.

Some of the nutrients in grains are zinc, iron, and b-vitamins.

Dried Fruits

They provide the same nutrients, vitamins, and fiber as fresh fruits. It’s worth checking whether dried fruits are processed in the same facilities and assembly lines as animal-based products, but mostly they’re safe!

If it’s processed in a multi-use facility, the label may say “manufactured in the same facility as eggs, honey, and dairy products.”

Vegetable Stock

This is a distillation of onion, carrot, celery, vegetables, and herbs to add flavor and aroma. It’s a vegan pantry essential that can be cooked in bulk and frozen for future use.

Coconut Oil

Because it is solid at room temperature, it’s a great substitution for shortening or butter in things like spreads, frosting, shortbread, etc. It also contains no trans fats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should every vegan have in their pantry?

Some essential foods are legumes and beans like chickpeas, black beans, and green lentils. Nuts, whole grains, pasta, basic cooking spices, sea salt, and nutritional yeast should also be in your pantry.

Must-have vegan pantry items?

It will vary based on your location but you can find vegan pantry items at many stores or order them online! Buying from a specialist store that doesn’t stock animal products guarantees that your products are ethically produced.

What shouldn’t a vegan pantry include?

Many foods have animal-derived ingredients or additives that lots of people don’t know about. You should stay away from foods that have carmine, gelatin, Isinglass, Natural flavorings, Omega-3 fatty acids, Shellac, and Vitamin D3.


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