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Vegan chocolate isn’t as hard to find as you think. That’s because it is vegan. The difficulty has been setting up an industry that doesn’t process it with milk, and that’s where the Endangered Species chocolate bar (dark chocolate) comes into play.

Endangered Species chocolate bars offer the unadulterated pleasure and richness of the dark stuff without any call for artificial sweeteners. This also makes it extremely healthy “candy”. It has picked up a bad reputation over the years, but that’s mainly due to the addition of less healthy ingredients. High-quality cocoa is very good for you, and there’s no need to spoil a delicious treat by adding dairy.

Endangered Species uses high-quality cocoa for all its products. You can enjoy options such as the:

  • “Bold & Silky” 72% variety (the Endangered Species chocolate ingredients & values below are for this bar)
  • Endangered Species Sea Salt Almond dark chocolate bar for some sumptuous added flavor
  • “Strong & Velvety” 88% bar if you want the true connoisseur’s experience

Quick Summary

  • 100% vegan – Endangered Species products are verified as Certified Vegan where appropriate. Check the label for more information.
  • Responsible company – as the name suggests, Endangered Species turns its revenue towards protecting animals threatened by extinction. It uses responsible farming processes.
  • Much healthier than regular candy – these products contain significantly less sugar than most candy bars, and a small serving makes a perfect guilt-free treat after dinner or during a break from work.

Nutritional Facts & Ingredients

Below are the Endangered Species chocolate ingredients and values for their “Bold & Silky” dark chocolate bar.

Nutritional Facts Serving Size: 1oz (⅓ of a bar)
Fat 11g
Of which saturates 7g
Cholesterol 0g
Carbohydrates 14g
Of which sugars 8g
Sodium 0g
Protein 2g
Dietary fiber 3g
Iron 1.2mg
Potassium 210mg

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, cane sugar, vanilla, soy lecithin*

*Note that these products contain soy and have been made using equipment that also processes products containing nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Endangered Species Chocolate healthy?

These products are much healthier than regular candy. They don’t include anywhere near the sugar levels you’ll find in most candy, and the company avoids extra additives and sweeteners. These are often used as a “workaround” to reduce sugar content but are just as unhealthy. The flavor is 100% natural.

Is Endangered Species Chocolate fair trade?

Yes! Products from this company are certified as Fair Trade. The company works closely with farmers who are fairly compensated and use ethical farming practices. This includes avoiding farming in areas where critically endangered species are threatened.

The company promotes awareness of the welfare of different animals using its products. For example, the Endangered Species – Sea Salt Almond dark chocolate bar is dedicated to the Eurasian eagle owl.

Is Endangered Species Chocolate dairy free?

Almost all its products are dairy free. You can check the label on each package for more information or the website’s FAQ. Its products are processed using equipment also used for some allergens – ensure you check the label.

Is Endangered Species Chocolate vegan?

So is Endangered Species chocolate vegan? Most of their products are Certified Vegan, making this a top choice for vegans looking for a delicious chocolatey treat.

We recommend you always check the packaging before purchasing to ensure the product is Certified Vegan.

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Discover vegan chocolate as you’ve never known it before while supporting a company that takes its environmental responsibility seriously. Check out the Endangered Species website, browse their products, and shop now to discover your new flavor of guilt-free chocolatey goodness!


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