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If you’re looking for a yummy and nutritious new drink, look no further than Knudsen’s products. Knudsen Tomato Juice is made from 100% tomato juice and has no artificial flavors or preservatives. It’s totally organic, so you can be sure you’re not substituting healthy choices for flavor.

In addition to tomato, Knudsen offers a whole range of veggie and fruit juices, all made from 100% juice. These flavors include carrot, beet, and cherry, but a whole load exists. In fact, they have nearly 100 flavors on offer for you to choose from.

The Knudsen company started off in 1961 when R.W. Knudsen was inspired to bottle fruit juice for his own family. Now your family can also share these juices. The company is committed to continuing to develop organic and refreshing juices without preservatives, nasty chemicals, or unhealthy ingredients. The company is just as committed to healthy and true ingredients as the founder was over 50 years ago.

You can enjoy their tomato juice knowing they’re healthy, natural, and committed to this ethos.

Quick Summary

What makes Knudsen organic tomato juice so exciting and cutting-edge? Let’s take a look:

  • From Their Family To Yours: The Knudsen company started on a family grape farm where Knudsen bottled juices for his family to enjoy. Now your family can enjoy these fresh and tasty juices.
  • Healthy: Knudsen tomato juice is organic, non-alcoholic, and made from all-natural flavors. These flavors are based on botanical sources and don’t contain refined sugars, artificial flavors, or MSG.
  • Non-GMO Verified. This shows quality and dedication to the craft of Knudsen tomato juice! It assures you that they’re all natural and free from genetic engineering.

Nutritional Facts & Ingredients

Are you curious to see what goes into Knudsen juices? They contain a great selection of nutritional values and healthy ingredients. Take a look at Knudsen organic tomato juice, which is available in both 32 oz and 8 oz.

Nutritional Facts Serving Size: 8 FL OZ (240ml)
 Total Sugars7g
Potassium514 mg

Ingredients: Organic Tomato Concentrate, Filtered Water, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sea Salt.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! All of their 8 and 32 oz products that are labeled organic contain at least 95% organic ingredients. Quality Assurance International performs their certification so you can be sure that their products are verified and held to a high standard, as well as a tasty one.

The juice is made by first harvesting the fruit and washing it. The fruit juice is then concentrated. The concentrated fruit juices allow for a variety of flavors and tastes for all kinds of juices. What’s more, this allows the fruit to be picked when it’s at its best quality and then it goes into production.

The brand takes great pride in not having GMO ingredients in its juices. The company is still as dedicated as its founder was to all organic and natural ingredients.

Recently, all the products have been enrolled in the non-GMO Project verified program and 99% of their products have this verification. The company aims to provide customers with choice and transparency by openly showing its products as non-GMO verified.

You don’t need to reach for refined sugars and artificial flavors when you want a tasty drink. Shop Knudsen — tomato juice has never been so delicious while still being non-GMO certified and naturally healthy.

Shop now to fill your pantry with delicious, guilt-free juices – you’ll find yourself coming back for more!


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